About Us

Fire Equipment has been in operation since 1984, specialising in the following fields:

1. Service and Reconditioning of portable fire fighting equipment
2. Supply and installation of SABS approved, portable fire fighting equipment
3. Fire Fighting training courses and evacuation procedures
4. Consultancy in respect of SABS specifications and risk management

Our areas of operation, besides Kwa Zulu Natal, include the Eastern Cape, Swaziland and Gauteng.

All our service technicians are in possession of certificates plus SAQCC certificates of competence which ensure compliance in respect of the various Municipal By-Laws.

Fire Equipment holds the SABS 1475 Diamond Mark in respect of servicing and is approved by the Department of Labour in respect of height pressure testing. We are also members of FFETA (FIRE FIGHTING EQUIPMENT TRADERS ASSOCIATION) and FPA (FIRE PROTECTION ASSOCIATION).

Our relationship with Telkom S.A. (Kwa Zulu Natal), dates back to January 1993. Initially the Fire Equipment was delivered to our workshop, however in November of 1993, we were instructed to "Map" out the entire Kwa Zulu Natal area. This involved identifying and compiling a register of every single operation, as well as collection and delivery, numbering and re-positioning of fire equipment according to specific risk allocations.

As can be evidenced, our function is not only the service and re-conditioning of Telkom - Kwa Zulu Natal's equipment, but also risk consultancy, fire training and documentation


Arksun currently employs 20 staff and is still a true grassroots company, taking pride in its positive contribution to black empowerment.

Sixty percent of the staff at Arksun are Black, many of whom started with the company as unskilled labourers. In his passion to develop a dynamic and skilled workforce, Mr Singh spared no expense to ensure they became licensed drivers and acquired basic education and training.

Those who showed potential were trained to become supervisors and technicians.

The firm now has a fleet numbering eight bakkies used by six technicians, a salesman and a messenger/delivery man.

Mission Statement

Arksun Fire Equipment t/a Fire Equipment is an exceptional provider of fire protection and equipment. We aim to maintain our high standards of business integrity. Fire Equipment aspires to provide quality services and products to our clients. We take pride in ourselves, act responsibly and strive for perfection in whatever we do.

We at ARKSUN FIRE EQUIPMENT CC are committed to providing our clients with the highest calibre service in respect of fire equipment reconditioning, training and risk assessment.

We aim at an Affirmative Action based policy of employment, procurement of supplies and services in our business undertakings.

We commit ourselves to a professional service to our customers and encourage mutual relations of support and co-operation with business, aimed at creating a fair and just society.

We endeavour to participate actively and responsibly in the communities we serve, and to strive for a harmonious and peaceful society which embraces freedom of association, justice, dignity and equal opportunity for all.

To this end, all work undertaken, is carried out in strict accordance with the SABS 1475 Diamond Mark (The SABS Standard for servicing and re-conditioning of fire equipment).